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RotoBoss™ BOOT Laser Rotary Attachment


Introducing the future of precision engraving – our state-of-the-art Laser Rotary Attachment. Unlike any other in the market, this rotary attachment is meticulously designed to merge unparalleled functionality with world-class mechanics.


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  • Pickup available at 3636 Lenox Ave
    Jacksonville FL 32254
  • Shipped out in 2-4 days



Experience engraving like never before. Elevate your craft with our Laser Rotary Attachment and let your creativity know no bounds!
Hello everyone, it is time to "Basic Training" and address the new entry level user and those on a tight budget. You have spoken and I have listened. We know that times are getting tough, and money can be tight, but that should not stop you from having the very best that your hard-earned money can buy. No cost was spared to provide you with the very best entry level rotary at an affordable price.
Now you can get the same great quality and dependability you have come to expect from Rotoboss laser rotary attachment at a fraction of the cost. There has been an increasing demand for lower cost quality Rotaries, and we now have the solution for that. To save on the cost and pass that savings on to you we made these no-frills bare bones design with manual adjustments with friction lock thumbscrews to lock into place.
There are no milled edges, no lead screw adjustments, and no removable heel plate, but it is still all metal and made to last. The rotary will come with magnet feet along with lifetime support and warranty, as you would expect. This rotary will cover all your basic needs for just about every standard item such as Cups, Tumblers, mugs and alike. If you get into larger items and odd shapes the next step would be for the Rotoboss, Junior or Ascend as they are designed to handle pretty much anything thrown at them.
*Ideal For smaller compact CO2 and Galvo Lasers
If you have any questions, please let me know via social media or email at [email protected]


  • checkmark Unmatched Precision: Built with a high-quality stepper motor, our rotary guarantees the utmost accuracy and precision every time you engrave.
  • checkmark Unique Height Adjustability: Say goodbye to limitations! The innovative design allows you to effortlessly raise and lower the slave wheels. Whether it's a slim pen or a chunky bottle, this rotary can accommodate almost any cylindrical object.
  • checkmark Quick Leveling with Lead Screw Axis: Eliminate the hassle of manual adjustments. Our lead screw operated axis ensures swift leveling of your items without any subsequent security concerns.
  • checkmark Ready-to-Use Accessories: We've got you covered for a myriad of engraving tasks. This rotary attachment comes equipped with a bottle clamp, mug spacers, a removable cup clamp with two varied size wheels, a large heel plate, and magnet feet. Unpack and start engraving instantly!
  • checkmark Compact & Lightweight: Designed for ease of use, our rotary is both lightweight and compact, ensuring that it can be stored easily and used in various setups.
  • checkmark Peace of Mind with Warranty: We believe in our product. That's why we offer a Lifetime warranty on any breakable parts and a solid 1-year warranty for the motor.
  • The rotary sits approximately 8.5 inches from the surface, and with a 30oz tumbler on it, you'll need to account for the added height.
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Customer Reviews

We think that you are going to love our rotaries, but don't take our word for it. See what just a few of our customers say about their RotoBoss rotary attachments.

Amber P.

Verified BuyerMay 16, 2023

Above and beyond!

I've always loved my rotoboss but never had to do anything with the customer service side of things...until I couldn't figure out how to engrave dog bowls and yall told me I needed the drop down mounts!

Chelsea B.

Verified BuyerMay 12, 2023


Excellent Design. Fast shipping

Richard W.

Verified BuyerMay 7, 2023

Perfect addition

I was having very slight walking with my tumblers. Not anymore!!! This attachment makes all the difference.


RotobossTM Rotaries
are a Patented/Patent Pending Rotary system.

Our Patented Design (D985,640S) features are the first of their kind. Our Patent Pending Non-Provisional (63/039,019) is expected this year and will solidify the Rotoboss Design.