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Rotoboss™ rotary attachments work with these popular brands and more!

The Quality and Craftsmanship is second to none. These industry leading Rotary Designs are unmatched, and with several models to choose from there is one for any laser that is running Light Burn, RDworks or Ezcad Software.

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  • Kelvin Valle - Transonic Laser Engraving

    "We own 3 Rotoboss rotaries and they are workhorses. I can’t imagine not having such a reliable tool. RotoBoss Rotary Attachments have been a blessing for us."

  • Mitch - Latitude 28 Laser

    "Still blown away by the quality and consistency of the work I’m able to put out with this rotary! Next endeavor is the 360 wraps, but I’m curious to the 360 pros, how long does it typically take per engraving? Thank you Jason Rife for getting me dialed in day 1."

  • Chris Birke - C&E Laser Designs

    "Hello everyone, here are some of the tumblers and water bottles that I have made with my Thunder Nova 35 and my rotoboss. I am still learning and trying to get better. Jason is an awesome guy who wants his customers to be successful in using his rotaries to grow their business. Thanks for making a great product!"

  • Shawn Zweibohmer - Designer

    "Thank you Jason! Rotoboss and Thunder Lasers...such a winning combination for our business! A 35 and a 51 both with Rotoboss rotary devices equals success!"

Jason Rife- The Man Behind RotoBoss

In 2018 after about 4 years of using a laser and making parts for existing lasers and rotaries on the market i decided i wanted to make my very own (for personal use at first) , but after being satisfied with the rotary I created and seeing that others were struggling just like I was with the devices currently on the market and seeing the need for something better, with 1k in my business account I decided to perfect my original rotary to the point of possibly bringing it to market and posed the question to facebook. After the feedback I received, I decided to come to market and the rest as they say is history.

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