For Metal Rotary please wait until Sep15th to order otherwise you will get a current Printed model that can be upgraded come 1 Oct.

There is not a better rotary on the market.
Don’t be fooled by the imitations.

US Patents Pending.
DP 29/738,089 & NP 17/348,446

Why the RotoBoss Rotary Attachments?

The RotoBoss rotary attachments are my answer to years of dealing with the same old same old Rotaries on the market that over promise and under deliver.

These rotaries are like no others and offers you a simple and easy to use rotary that will last a long time and save you from the frustrations of the cheap rotaries on the market today.

-RotoBoss rotary attachment is the First of its kind full spectrum Rotary that has dual adjustable side for those odd objects that are otherwise hard to engrave without some ingenuity. Giving you endless options to engrave nearly any round object.

-RotoBoss Jr. Is the simplistic version that only has one adjustable option on the slave wheel side of the rotary much like traditional rotaries on the market today, but that is where the similarities end.

-RotoBoss Low Roller is my answer to the smaller cabinet lasers. The RotoBoss Low Roller is a low profile rotary attachment offering a large range of engraving options not previously available with current rotaries on the market today.

BOTH The RotoBoss and RotoBoss Jr. can be made to fit small machines as well as larger machines based on your needs. Check and measure your machine to make sure you have a proper fit. The BEST Rotary Attachments on the market!

The RotoBoss Jr.

Why the RotoBoss Jr.?

The RotoBoss Jr. Rotary attachment was made to be a Smaller budget friendly machine and one that can be made to fit just about any application needed. Again i wanted to give everyone the opportunity to own the last laser rotary they will ever need. This model come ready to accept to the fully upgradeable RotoBoss Rotary attachment.

Check out this great video of the RotoBoss Jr. Rotary attachment and rotary roller in action during testing.

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ManCraftings Review

Jason at JerCustom Designs sent me one of his RotoBoss Roller Rotaries for testing and review.  He said to “Make it Fail”  He wants to put out a rotary that works for as many possible containers as possible.  I tried.  I really did.  It just didn’t happen.  This is the most versatile roller rotary that I have been able to find on the market today.   I have used 4 Roller Rotaries total including 3 from Boss Lasers.  This includes their newest Chuck/Roller Rotary combo they call the BossMod.  While it was built like a tank, I found it cumbersome (29lbs) and lacking several features that a $1,300 Rotary should have standard.  The Roller Rotary and the Chuck Rotary that I got with my 1630 were adequate but required several upgrades or some fine Redneck Engineering to get good results consistently.

I took this excerpt from Jason’s website.  “A rotary is a rotary except in this case it is unlike any other you will find. My Rotary like many others these days are made from lightweight materials such as 3D printed parts and cast acrylic. I left nothing out of this design and added several key features unique only to this rotary. Running on a top-quality stepper motor and the best mechanics I could get my hands on. This rotary offers the ability to raise and lower both ends of the unit to accommodate all those oversized and odd-shaped objects you may have. Lead screw operated Axis makes quick and easy work of leveling your item without the worry of securing it afterward. It will also come with lockout thumbscrews to lock the Axis in place if needed or desired depending on the weight of the object. This rotary comes stock with a removable cup clamp and large heel plate so you are ready to roll right out of the box. This compact and lightweight rotary will not leave you disappointed and comes with a 1 year warranty that covers any parts that may break. Also for the first year, you will be privy to any updates or revisions that come out for the machine and all I ask of you is to cover shipping the rest is no charge.”

I quoted this because after 1 month of use and over 140 cups etched including over a dozen of the most challenging items I could find, I could not find an item it couldn’t hold securely.  I only had one job with failure and it was a product issue and totally could have been prevented had I noticed that there were 2 different sizes of the same item.

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