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The Quality and Craftsmanship is second to none. These industry leading Rotary Designs
are unmatched and with 3 to choose from
there is one for any laser running Light Burn Software.

US Patent Pending for Design and Utility
DP 29/738,089 & NP 17/348,446

Why the RotoBoss Rotary Attachments?

Don’t settle for the knockoff gimmicky rotaries, Get the rotary that started it all.¬†The First of their kind truly ALL Metal rotaries comes the RotoBoss Rotary attachments¬† Has 3 models to choose from. We have a rotary for ANY Laser running Light Burn Software and is hot swappable between NEMA 17 and NEMA 23 motor with no modifications needed.
These Rotaries are made from solid billet 6061 Aircraft aluminum. The main plates are a solid 6mm thick to make sure they can handle anything thrown at them and not bend or flex. The other all custom made parts are also billet aluminum. The Patent pending design of this Rotary will ensure that once you level your cup or object no matter how heavy it is it will not fall and does not require thumb screws to hold it in place like all the others do. The slider mechanism (can be removed if desired) but is made to ensure that once it is set up it will not move, aiding in the consistent repeatability that people deserve.
You will not find another rotary of this caliber on the market today. The Rotoboss rotary attachments are backed by Four major Laser manufactures in 3 different countries and we have consistently improved quality since the day they were released.
We spared no expense to give you the very best Rotary your hard earned money could buy. We have set the bar for the rotary market for the past three years and will continue to evolve to meet our customers needs.

The RotoBoss rotary attachments are my answer to years of dealing with the same old same old Rotaries on the market that over promise and under deliver.

These rotaries are like no others and offers you a simple and easy to use rotary that will last a long time and save you from the frustrations of the cheap rotaries on the market today.

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The RotoBoss Differences

Described Left to Right

-RotoBoss rotary attachment is the First of its kind full spectrum Rotary that has dual adjustable side for those odd objects that are otherwise hard to engrave without some ingenuity. Giving you endless options to engrave nearly any round object.

-RotoBoss Jr. Is the simplistic version that only has one adjustable option on the slave wheel side of the rotary much like traditional rotaries on the market today, but that is where the similarities end.

-RotoBoss Low Roller is my answer to the smaller cabinet lasers. The RotoBoss Low Roller is a low profile rotary attachment offering a large range of engraving options not previously available with current rotaries on the market today.

BOTH The RotoBoss and RotoBoss Jr. can be made to fit small machines as well as larger machines based on your needs. Check and measure your machine to make sure you have a proper fit. The BEST Rotary Attachments on the market!

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