Another happy customer! Rotoboss for the WIN!
Alisa Druyan Dwyer
Hello everyone, here are some of the tumblers and water bottles that I have made with my Thunder Nova 35 and my rotoboss. I am still learning and trying to get better. Jason is an awesome guy who wants his customers to be successful in using his rotaries to grow their business. Thanks for making a great product!
We own 3 Rotoboss rotaries and they are workhorses. I can’t imagine not having such a reliable tool. RotoBoss Rotary Attachments have been a blessing for us.
Still blown away by the quality and consistency of the work I’m able to put out with this rotary! Next endeavor is the 360 wraps, but I’m curious to the 360 pros, how long does it typically take per engraving? Thank you Jason Rife for getting me dialed in day 1.
Mitch Mitch
Latitidue 28 Laser
Well, here we are, Back in Black. We originally started with one of the very first RotoBoss Rotary Attachments back in 2019 and it served us very well for a long time (it is still in use by another company). We then ran a few different rotaries between our co2 gantry, co2 galvo and fiber and those rotaries did well. But, then our business shifted like businesses often times do and with that we needed a tool to fit our new needs. Adjustability, stability, and expanded capabilities are just what the new RotoBoss 2.0 had to offer. This is a work of art. All CNC milled metals, lead shine motor, overbuilt connectors, and the list goes on. Very impressed with this newest release and we are already putting it to the test. It barely saw the light of day and within minutes we had it running perfectly. The only adjustment it needed was for me to align it to the gantry better; so, my fault not the rotary. Oh, and the Mike and Ike’s disappeared shortly there after as well. I do miss the gummy bears that came with the other one three years ago but I’m not complaining about the candy upgrade too. 😆 My camera didn’t record everything of the unboxing (I think I double tapped the trigger on the second part) but I’ll post it in the comments below. Hope you all are having a great weekend. Time for me to get more projects rolling. Literally.
In case you are on the fence about purchasing the RotoBoss Jr. for $850 when you order your Thunder machine. The profit from this one order alone would have paid for ours if it had not already paid for itself and that is with a 20% discount for this order. We've had our machine and RotoBoss for just about 4.5 months. The RotorBoss can be a virtual ATM. This order is for a company that shows appreciation for its veterans each year. This year they are giving a tumbler to each veteran that works for them. We are adding the disk as a personal thank you.
I may soon have to get another laser just for the Rotoboss. This is just too much fun!
Thank you Jason! Rotoboss and Thunder Lasers...such a winning combination for our business! A 35 and a 51 both with Rotoboss rotary devices equals success!
Shawn Zweibohmer
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