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RotoBoss “Talon”

  • January 12, 2023
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I've always loved my rotoboss but never had to do anything with the customer service side of things...until I couldn't figure out how to engrave dog bowls and yall told me I needed the drop down mounts!

Amber P.

Here we have the Rotoboss Talon chuck rotary.

This innovative chuck rotary is great addition to your tool box. With many one of a kind features such as the Scissor lift support wheels with unobstructed range for any object, 4 Jaw chuck design offering you better gripping power while handling your delicate items with ease, with its articulating head you have the freedom to control every aspect of your rotary as well as the ability to lock out the head in the vertical position for doing many more items and you can use a platter for things such as business cards and more. 

The rotary head is designed to not have anything obstructing the laser head by having all components set below the head height.

Watch Our Rotaries in Action

Checkout our video of our RotoBoss Ascend rotary laser engrave on a wooden baseball bat. Order yours today!


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