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RotoBoss “Junior 2.0” Unboxing

  • June 8, 2023

I've always loved my rotoboss but never had to do anything with the customer service side of things...until I couldn't figure out how to engrave dog bowls and yall told me I needed the drop down mounts!

Amber P.

Unboxing of the RotoBoss Jr 2.0 and our First impressions. Along with a few other goodies.

So we just got our new rotary in from RotoBoss rotary attachments. I figured I’d go through this video and see what it looks like and catch it on camera, what it looks like unboxing. Well, right off the bat, it looks packaged fairly well. Papers… well, I gotta hand it to him. Not sure what all that is yet, but I’ll figure it out. Rotoball sent me a couple of extra things to play with and try out. So I guess we’ll talk about them as well. And we have very nice packaging, nice and secure. Very happy with that. Let’s move the box up out of the way, set this on the bench, and then start looking at it, and we’ll be right back.”

So we’ve got everything unboxed. This is my first impressions. I haven’t really done anything with it. I haven’t even opened up everything else that was sent or that was ordered and asked for. But, you know, first impressions right off the bat, I can tell you it’s extremely well built. This is not our first rotary, but this is our first rotary from Roto boss rotary attachments. So we are familiar with how they work, how they feel and made. Right now, I can tell you that I’m pretty damn impressed. A solid build, that’s for sure. And like Jason always says right here, if you haven’t figured out, is his phone number. So if you got questions, you can call. We also noticed this QR code, quick and easy, that way you can access the manual for setup. And we noticed right here, on the ass end of it, another QR code. So far, Jason’s made this damn thing idiot-proof, it seems like, which is absolutely fantastic. And just kind of playing around with the knobs, the knobs feel good. They’re nice and tight, smooth, very smooth action. The same thing with this lead screw to adjust the length of it, fantastic, nice and tight. Here’s a lock that we did notice for shipping, that was nice and tight back here, so we loosened it up to make sure we didn’t break anything. I really gotta hand it to him. From what we’ve seen right now, he’s done a fantastic job of putting this, creating this, and putting it together. Wiring seems to be… I’m not going to go into a review right now, like I said, but these are again just my first impressions. He’s done a fantastic job on the design and the stability, nice and stable. I don’t think we’re going to have any issues with this whatsoever. And I know we’ve got a client today coming over to talk about tumblers and wine stemless wine glasses and all kinds of other things, so we’re going to put this to the test here very shortly. I’ll move this out of the way for now, and then we’ll get into everything else that we got.

Inside the box, we had this. I like that, setting the standard since 2019, your accessory kit. Fantastic job with the branding on the box. Our level… I don’t know what else is in here. So, a little bubble level, not quite sure, but I’ll figure it out later. Once again, a QR code with ‘follow the damn directions for installation’. Some great stickers, they’ll go on the cabinet over there. And it looks like an additional wheel. If I can’t find it in the directions, I’ll figure it out and give him a call. I’m not quite sure yet, but I’ll figure that one out as well. More stickers. Damn, I spent a lot of money on stickers, or he makes his own, one of the two. And of course, gummy bears, they’ll be a nice snack. If I’m right, this should be… okay, so here are the clamps for the knife blades. Any even Thunder material blade clamp system. I will get to tearing them apart and taking a peek at them. He also sent the material alignment jig, and if this does exactly what I think it’s going to do, we’ll do a specific video on how to make sure that your gantry is in line with your rotary. Here’s the heel wheel, install and use. Gotta hand it to him, he wrapped that up well. I like that, the zip tie to secure it in place. Okay, so these are for cups, but these are designed more for the fiber, so we’ll be doing individual videos on these and setting these up with the Thunder Aurora. Make sure that when you open these up, if you get these, that you pay attention to the damn screws and the other bubble wrap. If not, you’re gonna wind up throwing them away and then cussing because you can’t find them. So, all in all, after unboxing this, I’m pretty happy with what we’ve seen. I can’t wait to get into the rotary and see how it’s going to work. So, if y’all have any questions, leave a comment. If you’re interested in this, contact Rotoball or Rotoballs rotary attachments. I’ll try to leave a link down there and order your own.

After tearing these stuff apart and opening things up, we finally figured out what this little thing is, and it’s actually pretty cool. It’s a tape measure that you can wrap around the cup, either way you want to go. It’s got millimeters on the inside and inches on the outside. So at least it’ll get you fairly close to it, to where you need. We use millimeters, not inches, but that’s just… some other people do. So, I think this is a great little add-on, as well as the bubble level, versus what we normally use, which is a very thin tape measure, and or a set of calipers to figure out what our measurements are for our cups. So I just wanted to add that to it before we finish everything up, figuring out what those couple little things were. I hope you learned something and have a great day.

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