Work Piece Alignment Jig (Boss Laser LS & HP)

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******Please watch the video for install and use before attempting to install and use*******

****For Boss 16-36 models Only, Will Not work on 14 series*****

If you have question please feel free to contact me.

I have created what is a must have for Boss laser Operators. If you are like me and find yourself wasting time aligning and squaring up you work pieces with your calibrated eye or other time consuming methods. Well that is all in the past with this one of a kind Jig. It easily mounts under your gantry and out of the way of all moving parts to allow for consistent and reliable alignment of your work piece every time. When your done with it, no problem it stores up out of the way until it is needed again. Simple to install with the Allen wrench provided in your Lasers tool box so no other tool are needed.

It works on those small project that are close to the lens and with the included extension you can reach the larger items. Once installed simply do one of two things, Lower the two legs of the tool and push your piece against the tool or use your power button to align with the movement of the gantry.

NOTE: All gen 3 & 4 and Gen V 1416, 1420 and 1630 will require drilling and tapping holes to mount the slider rail ( Do so at your own risk, JER Custom Designs Inc is not responsible for damage to your machine due to improper mounting of this tool)

*********Contact prior to purchase for Quantity discounts (More than one)**********


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