RotoBoss™ Products for Thunder Laser Machines

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USA customers, to purchase a RotoBoss™ for your Thunder Laser machine, click the logo below. They are only available directly from

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International customers, click HERE to order a RotoBoss for your Thunder Laser machine.

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Thunder Laser RotoBoss™ 2.0

RotoBoss rotary attachment is the First of its kind full spectrum Rotary that has dual adjustable side for those odd objects that are otherwise hard to engrave without some ingenuity. Giving you endless options to engrave nearly any round object.

Works with All NOVA Lasers.

Thunder Laser Junior 2.0

RotoBoss Jr. Is the simplistic version that only has one adjustable option on the slave wheel side of the rotary much like traditional rotaries on the market today, but that is where the similarities end.

Works with All NOVA, ODIN and Aurora Lasers.

Thunder Laser Low Roller

The RotoBoss Low Roller Rotary Attachment is The Best and MOST VERSATILE Rotary attachment on the market today for your Fiber Laser and smaller desktop Lasers!!!

Works with Aurora Lasers.