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The Material clamping kit is a unique way to secure you many flat items hold hold flat and secure for engraving or cutting.

******Please watch the video for install and use before attempting to install and use*******

If you have question please feel free to contact me.

I have created another must have for Boss laser Operators. If you are like me and find yourself wasting time trying to get your warped wood or material to lay flat with tape, large bulky weights and more? Well that is all in the past with this one of a kind Jig.

Easy to install and remove with NO TOOLS REQUIRED. Simple install the Material clamping kit blade hold down clamps to the frame of the machine and install the adjustable slide clamps (3.8mm height off material) down to hold your piece firmly and flat to the surface and tighten the thumb screw to lock it all in place as needed. The Blade hold downs also double as a tool to help level your bed knives.

***NOTE: Designed for all Gen V 14, 16, 24 and 36 series models. This clamping system will affect your overall usable bed size. Special caution is need when operating, some of the parts may be close to or obstruct certain operations of the laser during head travel. Use this produce at your own risk, not liable for damages due to improper use.

****Standard Kit includes 4 Blade hold down clamps, 4 Material hold down clamps and 4 Standoffs. Choose from add-on’s for optional items or get the Full Kit includes Standard kit plus  2 Extra Blade Clamps, 2 Extra material hold down clamps, and 8 material standoff clips

Warrantied is 1 year from date of purchase for failures due to defects.

*********Contact prior to purchase for Quantity discounts (More than one)**********

Please allow 5-7 business days for delivery.

If you own a different laser than what is listed please contact  before ordering

Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 5 × 4 in

6 reviews for Material Clamping KIT for Boss Lasers

  1. RotoBoss

    Simple C.Verified Buyer
    5 star rating
    Excellent Product, Excellent Service
    Review by Simple C. on 22 Nov 2019 review stating Excellent Product, Excellent Service Thanks for the Boss laser bed clamps … they are working well and have helped with the troublesome plywood like no other solution thus far!

  2. RotoBoss

    R W.Verified Buyer
    5 star rating
    Great stuff
    Review by R W. on 27 Oct 2019 review stating Great stuff. Nice tool for laser.

  3. RotoBoss

    James B.Verified Buyer
    5 star rating
    The Best
    Review by James B. on 20 Aug 2019 review stating The BestI dont know how I went so long without these. This has made my work so much easier. Costumer care is great and easy to work with. Product is very well designed and sturdy.

  4. RotoBoss

    stephen m.Verified Buyer
    5 star rating
    Review by stephen m. on 8 Aug 2019
    review stating Awesome!!!!!!I would give more than 5 stars if I could.. great product and service

  5. RotoBoss

    Fred M.Verified Buyer
    5 star rating
    Clamping Jig Kits
    Review by Fred M. on 9 Apr 2019 review.
    stating Clamping Jig KitsGreat company to deal with.

  6. RotoBoss

    STRETCH S.Verified Buyer
    2 star rating
    Review by STRETCH S. on 7 Oct 2019 review
    stating Clamps To thin at top. Snapped the little pieces in half
    Share ‘ Share Review by STRETCH S. on 7 Oct 2019 Comments (1)
    Comments by Store Owner on Review by STRETCH S. on 7 Oct 2019

    Store Owner
    As on Nov 5 2019 commentator has not contacted me about replacements. I am unable to track by user name. Please reach out to me so i can send replacements. There was a recall that went out on the forum for this very thing if you are referring into the side overhang of the material clamp itself. Please email me a picture and brief description of what happened to help me make sure it does not happen again. These pieces have to be thin for head clearance. I will gladly send new ones for those broken because it is warranted

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