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This rotary sits about 8.5-9in tall with a 30oz cup on the wheels. The tower is slightly higher than that but is offset to prevent head from striking during use. Just be mindful when moving the head that you don’t strike the tower.


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(READ CLOSELY) Comes stock with Cup Clamp and Heel Plate
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The RotoBoss Rotary Attachment is The Best and MOST VERSATILE Rotary attachment on the market today for most any cabinet style Lasers!!! A rotary is a rotary except in this case it is unlike any other you will find. My Rotoboss Rotary Attachment like many others these days are made from lightweight materials such as 3D printed parts and Cast acrylic. I left nothing out of this design and added several key features unique only to this rotary. Running on a top quality stepper motor and the best mechanics I could get my hands on. This rotary offers the ability to raise and lower Both the Motor and the slave wheels in a unique and precise way to accommodate most cylindrical and odd shaped objects you may have. Lead screw operated Axis makes quick and easy work of leveling your item without the worry of securing it afterwards. This rotary comes stock with a removable cup clamp and large heel plate so you are ready to roll right out of the box. This compact and lightweight rotary will not leave you disappointed and comes with a 1 year warranty that covers any parts that may break. Also for the first year you will be privy to any updates or revisions that come out for the machine and all i ask of you is to cover shipping the rest is no charge.

Some assembly may be required upon delivery.

Check Height in machine to make sure you have proper clearance. machine sits 8.5-9 in from surface and with a 30oz tumbler on the rotary.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in

6 reviews for RotoBoss Rotary Attachment

  1. RotoBoss

    Tom S.Verified Buyer
    5 star rating
    Review by Tom S. on 29 Jan 2020review stating OutstandingSince I received my Rotoboss I have been nothing but impressed with its build quality and ability to level anything I put on it. Is it a little more expensive than others? Yes but you will be happy you bought it once instead of buying several others that dont meet expectations only to end up buying a Rotoboss. Finaly a product that exceeded all my…Read MoreRead more about review stating Outstanding
    Share ‘ Share Review by Tom S. on 29 Jan 2020Facebook facebook Share Review by Tom S. on 29 Jan 2020 Twitter twitter Share Review by Tom S. on 29 Jan 2020 LinkedIn linkedin Share Review by Tom S. on 29 Jan 2020 Comments (1)
    Comments by Store Owner on Review by Tom S. on 29 Jan 2020
    Store Owner
    Thats great to hear!!!! I am always here if you have ANY problems or questions.

  2. RotoBoss

    Justin R.Verified Buyer
    5 star rating
    Review by Justin R. on 22 Jan 2020review stating ROTOBOSSSuper easy to setup, fast and easy cup change. Simple dials for raising and lowering both the font and rear of the device!
    Share ‘ Share Review by Justin R. on 22 Jan 2020 Comments (1)
    Comments by Store Owner on Review by Justin R. on 22 Jan 2020
    Store Owner
    Glad you like!!! any problems or questions to hesitate to contact me.

  3. RotoBoss

    Louis H.Verified Buyer
    5 star rating
    Total Satisfaction
    Review by Louis H. on 24 Dec 2019 review stating Total Satisfaction Have had the RotoBoss for approximately three weeks absolute no issues

  4. RotoBoss

    Jill W.Verified Buyer
    5 star rating
    Great quality!
    Review by Jill W. on 16 Dec 2019review stating Great quality!What a perfect solution. Prior to this we were so frustrated we didn’t even want to offer mugs as a product. Now we have no issues at all. That you for such a well executed design!
    Share ‘ Share Review by Jill W. on 16 Dec 2019 Comments (1)
    Comments by Store Owner on Review by Jill W. on 16 Dec 2019
    Store Owner
    glad to see it helped. if i can assist with anything else please let me know!

  5. RotoBoss

    Shannon W.Verified Buyer
    5 star rating
    Toto boss
    Review by Shannon W. on 4 Dec 2019 review stating Toto boss It will save you money 10 out 10

  6. TROY SHAW (verified owner)

    Received my Rotoboss on 29/Jan/21. Wow!! It exceeded my expectations by far! I spent all weekend learning the ins and outs of the product. The directions that are online coupled with the videos make it a breeze to setup. My advice is go with the Rotoboss instead of the junior. The ability to adjust both sides of the rotary in the Z axis is priceless!! American ingenuity at its best. Goodbye foreign built rotaries. I will never go back!! Thanks

    • RotoBoss

      Hello, Thank you very much for your feedback on my rotary. I am very glad to hear it exceeded your expectations and hope it continues to do so. If you ever have any problems with it or questions about it please do not hesitate to reach out to me, i am always here to help.

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