AP LAZER 1812 and UP Rotary Attachments

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Sorry for the inconvenience. Things will be up and running ASAP. I am taking this time to close out all current orders and prepping for the New and improved Metal Plate Rotaries that will start shipping the first part of June.


ANY machine with 4 pin round connector will require the 3 phase motor option.

Both Rotaries will fit all machines, the compact or full size is based on the open area for the rotary to sit in or on.


Sold In all black color


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The RotoBoss and RotoBoss Jr. Rotary Attachments are The Best and MOST VERSATILE Rotary attachments on the market today for your most any size Lasers!!!  A rotary is a rotary except in this case it is unlike any other you will find. My Rotoboss Jr. Rotary Attachment like many others these days are made from lightweight materials such as 3D printed parts and Cast acrylic. I left nothing out of this design and added several key features unique only to this rotary. Running on a top quality stepper motor and the best mechanics I could get my hands on. This rotary offers the ability to raise and lower the slave wheels in a unique and precise way to accommodate most cylindrical objects you may have. Lead screw operated Axis makes quick and easy work of leveling your item without the worry of securing it afterwards.  This compact and lightweight rotary will not leave you disappointed and comes with a 1 year warranty that covers any parts that may break. Also for the first year you will be privy to any updates or revisions that come out for the machine and all i ask of you is to cover shipping the rest is no charge.

The RotoBoss Jr. comes stock with a removable cup clamp with 3 different size wheels, large heel plate, Mug Spacer and smaller slave wheels for added flexibility so you are ready to roll right out of the box. This rotary sits about 6.5-7in tall with a 30oz cup on the wheels.

The RotoBoss Comes stock with a removable cup clamp with 3 different size wheels, large heel plate, and Mug Spacer. This rotary sits about 8.5-9in tall with a 30oz cup on the wheels.

CAUTION: The tower is slightly higher than that but is offset to prevent head from striking during use. Just be mindful when moving the head that you dont strike the tower.

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 12 × 12 in

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