Rotoboss Rotaries are a Patented/Patent Pending Rotary system.

Our Patented Design (D985,640S) features are the first of their kind. Our Patent Pending Non-Provisional (63/039,019) is expected this year and will solidify the Rotoboss Design.


How do I do handled cups/mugs on a rotoboss rotary?

You will need to install the supplied Mug spacer (Triangular piece) that bolts to the face of the Clamp bracket. 

You may also need to install the heel plate spacer (slotted rectangular piece) that slides down over the heel plate to offset the gap.

How do i correct my steps for doing water bottles?

When doing water bottles you will need to adjust your steps down, a good starting point is to lower your step by about 1,000 steps and adjust from there. Once you have the settings set, save that file from machine settings so you can quickly revert to that when you do that object again.

What is the best way to do water bottles like JDS ones?

Use the large clamp wheel provided in your bag with the stickers.

Make sure the rim (not the screws) is set on the drive wheels.

Why does my cup walk?

Heel Plate not close enough to the bottom of the cup (don't let it touch).

O-Rings twisted.

You can slightly raise the slave wheels up a little past level.

What is the difference between Rotoboss and Rotoboss Junior?

Mechanically they are the same. The major difference is that the Rotoboss has two towers and allows for more adjustability for many more objects and the Junior only has one tower and is made for mainly Cup, Mugs, Tumblers and water bottles. 

How do I know what phase my motor is?

2 Phase has 4 wires coming out of the motor.

3 Phase has 6 wires coming out of the motor.

Software/Firmware Files