Rotoboss Rotaries are a Patented/Patent Pending Rotary system.

Our Patented Design (D985,640S) features are the first of their kind. Our Patent Pending Non-Provisional (63/039,019) is expected this year and will solidify the Rotoboss Design.

About Us


I am Jason, the Owner, Designer and builder at JER Custom Designs and the creator of the RotoBoss Rotary Attachments. I would like to share a little about myself and how this all got started.

I grew up in Ohio where I finished high school and joined the US Navy. I spent 20 years as a Jet engine mechanic on several different Aircraft as well as leading and training others throughout my career. After 20 years I retired from the Navy and took this on full time with my passion for design, woodwork and customization of all things.

While in the Navy I spent my free time making stuff out of my garage, like many others out there do. In 2016 (one year from retirement) while deployed in Italy I decided I was going to make a go of this full time and started down the path of being a legal business. 

I started out as primarily a Wood Craftsman and through that I grew to be doing Embroidery, Vinyl graphics and CNC milling, then to Lasers. My thing was always, why pay someone else and have to be dependent on them for different aspects of my business when I could be doing it myself and maintain control of the outcome.

In 2018 after about 4 years of using a laser and making parts for existing lasers and rotaries on the market i decided i wanted to make my very own (for personal use at first) , but after being satisfied with the rotary I created and seeing that others were struggling just like I was with the devices currently on the market and seeing the need for something better, with 1k in my business account I decided to perfect my original rotary to the point of possibly bringing it to market and posed the question to facebook. After the feedback I received, I decided to come to market and the rest as they say is history. Over the years we have stayed true to the original tried and true design and since this was a grass roots and self funded adventure we had to slowly grow the material quality and production to where we are today by reinvesting everything back into the company for nearly 3 years. With the ever growing support of our customers we continue to grow year by year by improving our products and advancing this community with new and or better products to help the end user chase their dreams and grow their business to new heights. 

Thank you all for the support you have given over the years. I promise to keep improving and making new things to help the community grow.

Jason Rife - Owner, Rotoboss


Software/Firmware Files