RotoBoss Ascend Coming Soon!!!!

RotoBoss Ascend Coming Soon!!!!

I Introduce the "ASCEND" Rotary from Rotoboss Rotary Attachments.

Yet another one of a kind Rotary with the quality and features found on no other rotary on the market.

We have taken some of the old and blended with the new to create this one of a kind Rotary.

--This rotary has the advantage of a complete unobstructed pass through.

--With the clamping system and rear wheel stop system removed you can now rotate and engrave longer objects that go beyond the length of the rotary without the need for clamps and a balancing act.

--The Tower was scrapped for a modified scissor lift that will remove the concern of striking the tower with the head. Built with the same precision and control as the other RotoBoss Rotaries.

--With a "no tower setup" it lends itself as a better fit for lasers with smaller heads as well as the average laser head design.

--Allows you to do a wider variety and size of objects while never worrying About hitting the gantry or head on a tower.

--This unique and innovative wheel stop will allow the rear of the object to rest against a spring loaded and adjustable support wheel assembly. The stop can be set in a fixed depth position or left to ride on the spring tension to absorb any movement due to objects having imperfections. The design of this stop will reduce friction, help prevent binding while also holding your object secure. 

We will be finalizing the R&D by the end of 2022 and will be doing pre orders in March 2023 for a projected April/May 2023 Release and shipping.
More information will be coming out this year as we ramp up to production.
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Hi there, we are looking for new rotaries for your thunder lasers here in germany. Did you cancel your auto version or is it still available? You also have some newer models which replace the old ones? Do you have a distributor in germany where we can buy your stuff or do we need to order from the US? We are in germany.

Many thanks,



I have a atomstack S20, will this laser be combatable.


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